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The CCIA Board of Directors approved a fee increase on 2/22 to both field applications and seed lot certification (including OECD and ‘Not Finally Certified’ fees). Increases were also made to programs outside of regular seed certification, including potatoes, turfgrass, Pre-Variety Germplasm, and the rice QA program. This change will be effective 3/1/2024. Applications for the 2024 crop year submitted prior to 3/1 will be charged accorded to the previous fee structure.

For context, with few exceptions, the field certification fees have remained unchanged for over 20 years, and the seed lot certification fee has not changed in 7 years. In addition to inflation adjustments, recent declines in sunflower seed production in CA have prompted a review of the fee structure.

The CCIA is a non-profit organization, and the CCIA Board has a policy for when to return to customers revenue in excess of the financial reserve. The new structure can be found by visiting

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